While I don't have many rules, the following are important to me:


* I will trade DVD/BR-bootlegs only. Please don't ask if I sell bootlegs, I won't!!!

* To trade means, I will NOT sell bootlegs, NOT give away bootlegs and NOT do blanks and postage [B&P].  
Maybe other traders do that but I wont. No exceptions! Don't ask please, I won't answer such emails.
   Unfortunately, I don't have time to help people out by doing B&P. I have no spare time for that. Sorry!


* Dvd-bootlegs means, that I will not trade/sell/give away official recordings, copyrighted material, MP3s,
   Lossless stuff or VCDs/SVCDs/DiVx. I do execpt VCD/SVCD/DiVX sourced DVDs only if you told me about
   that before and I agreed.


* If you contact first, you send first unless we have already traded. I don't like waiting for shows to arrive in
   the mail, and I'm sure you don't either. If you offer me something that sounds too good to be true and I
   don't know you, I will probably make you send first to ensure I don't get ripped off. In most circumstances,
   I burn DVDs immediately and send your discs via priority mail. Please use comparible postage.


* I only use Verbatim DVD+R's and Verbatim BR-Discs, I'd prefer if you would use high quality media as well. Use brandname discs
   only. Burn no higher than 2,4x.

* If you contact me about a trade, please be honest about the quality of the shows you want to trade,  
dishonesty will not get you very far in the Metallica trading community!


* Please do not write anything on the DVD's. Send them in clear condition only.


* Please do not ask for incoming shows. I don't know exactly when I will get them or if they are without Bad 


* Do not try to rip me off!!!