Welcome to my Trading Website

The recordings on this page are for my personal enjoyment. I do not make any money off of this hobby.
These recordings are not meant to replace the artist's studio albums. I already have all the studio albums,
and I collect these shows as an appreciation for live music. If a band would like their recordings removed
from this list, please ask, and I will gladly take them down.

I also reserve the right to not list some DVD's that I am unable to list or trade due to filmer's wishes,
authorer's wishes, or my own personal reasons.

Nothing is for sale so please do not ask. If you are interested in trade with me and you have something
to offer me that I will be interested, please contact me.

Cheers, Metallifreak





Latest Update - March 10th, 2024

Current Trading Status - Open For METALLICA Trades Only