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Where the fuck to start!? After 1 hour of flying by aircraft direct from Vienna, I finally made my way to Zürich, Switzerland. It was Friday, Februar 10th. I was waiting for a couple of hours in the hotel for my friend Rick [Italian Metallibashers], since I deceided to walk a little bit around Zürich. After Rick was arriving in the hotel, we traveld into the city by tram, to meet Andy and Tomy [Damaged Switzerland]. We had a dinner in the nice old town of Zürich. But there are still some things to do for Metallibash 2006. We set up the last details like prizes, checking the running order for the evening and so on.
On Saturday morning, we go shopping in Zürich, and just can’t wait to be at Abart Club. Around midday we met some Austrian friends from St[yrian] Anger and some oldtime friends of mine from Germany [Martin and Christiane]. It was good the see all thoses faces again.
Around 4 o’clock p.m. we went to the Abart Club behind a taxi driver, because it was more then just difficult to find the right way by care to the Club. Orion, the official Italian Tribute band has just arrived and are already loading in. The Club was small, dark but seems to be nice. Everyone is busy and full exited at the moment. We decided to go to backstage room and start checking guestlist, passes, prizes and so on. Many thanx to Andy for this really nic passes. After an hour, the first chatpers are reching the Club. The 2 French Chapters “MetalMonster” and “Whipping Dancerz”, the Belgium Chapter “Belgian Fuel” and also the Dutch one “Harvester Of Holland” have attended this bash. Many thanx to those people, it was absolutely amazing.
Orion started soundcheck, and everyone moves out of the backstage room right to the front of the stage. Damn god, the sound was great and Orion was really in a very good mood. The intro was started and the guyz blown us away with a part of Blackened.
Now we all just can’t wait for the first official European Metallibash. After soundcheck was finished, we all had dinner together in the backstage room. Thanx to the Abart for making such a good pasta and salad. It tasted really good. Then we set our stalls for the record fair. Each chapter prestens his own shirt, and I have never seen such an amazing Metallica Collection in only one room. It was awesome, you can’t believe it.
At 8 o’clock p.m. the Abart Club opens the doors. Fans from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and even Holland show up their respetive chapter stalls. You can find everything you are searching for. Promos, Vinyls, Box Sets, Picture Discs, Magazines and much much more. Really unbelievable.
At 9.40 p.m. the club counts many people. The lottery started and I, Andy and Rick are going on stage to draw the prizes. We had shirts, plectrons, backstage passes, cd’s and much more shit. Grand prize was an autographed Some Kind Of Monster poster, donated by the official MetClub. Thanx very much to Jeff who supported us in a really good way. The crowed was really in a good mood too. The French guys from Metal Monster and Whipping Dancerz are real Metallifans. These guyz rock, really.
Right after the Granz Prize was given away, light shuts down and the “Ecstasy Of Gold” begins. I think all the people clapping their hands together, and Orion hits the stage. An Orion’s heavy thrash metal old style live gig kicks asses in Zurich. The great show started at 10 pm and the setlist was frantic, without time for breath!! The show starts with an brilliant version of “Blackened”, followed by “The Four Horsemen” and “Creeping Death, which reallly kicks ass. The people in the club want heavy, and Orion gave us heavy. The Medley of “Fight Fire With Fire”, “Dyers Eve” and “Orion” was awesome. Then “Intro Eye Of The Beholder” was followed by an asskickin’ version of “Batters”. During “Master Of Puppets” the crowed sang along with the band. Orion plays all the classic songs like “Welcome Home” and “Disposable Heroes”. An neckbreaking version of “Whiplash” was followd by “Ride The Lightning”. “One” was played in the memory of Rob Reisinger, that like Davide said: “He is banging his head in Heaven with us…” The first row really goes crazy. The French Chapters had a lot of fun, I think. After “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Intro Metal Milita” Orion gaves as an amazing heavy version of “Sad But True”. I was jumping around the left side and right side of the stage, to make as many good pictures as possible. Unbelievable how many people are here in the club. “After “Enter Sandman”, “No Remorse” and “Seek And Destroy” Orion has to leave the stage. But the fans want more, and Orion gives us more. The last song was one of my favorite covers songs “So What”. Orion has blown away everybody in the club. I’m sure, there was nobody inside the Abart, who can’t say that it was amazing.
At midnight the show ends and the club plays some old metal classic on CD. I wanna say thanx a fuckin’ lot to everyone who was involved in this night. Rick and Andy had really done a grat job. I hope I can cooperate much more with those chapters in the future. And also a very special thax to all the Local Chapters who have been at this great event. You guyz ruled and we really liked to work with you. Really sad thing that Oliver [St(yrian) Anger] wasn't able to attend the show.
So, stay tuned for the next big event. Metallibash 2007. Who knows in wich city.


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